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 A Seabird Sensory Ecologist

PhD student: Ariel-Micaiah Heswall
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Seabird enthusiast and aspiring sensory ecologist! Coffee addict, animal lover, bird rehabber and conservationist! Will jump at the chance to do anything seabird related

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About Seabird Sensory Ecology

Seabird sensory ecology explores how the seabirds interact with its environment using their sensory perspective. Many petrels and shearwaters have an excellent sense of smell enabling them to detect their dimly lit burrows and prey across vast featureless oceans. Albatrosses and gannets have acute vision enabling them to precisely pinpoint their prey. Seabirds also have a complex array of vocalizations which they use to communicate with one another and find their mates and offspring.

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Sensory ecology is a useful tool and pathway in order to understand more about how the seabird interacts with environment. This can be applied for conservation benefits which has been described by past and current research.

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